Teacher Out Loud

I am a teacher and leader, thinking out loud about my own practice, thoughts from day-to-day experience and the research and colleagues I am fortunate to engage with.


“We don’t know as much about it (great teaching) as we’d like to. We get glimpses at the moon through a cloudy sky – snippets that give insight. We try and bind them together but we have a precarious grasp of something that is very complicated.”

Robert Coe


Visualisers…what more is there to say? I get it, and for most reading this, I appreciate I am preaching to the converted. Yet, fascinatingly, I still hear many of my teaching colleagues operating without them despite advocating their effectiveness. I am aware that teaching does not lend itself to just one effective approach but consideringContinue reading “Visualiser”

Retrieval ‘for’ learning

“Forgetting focuses remembering and fosters learning; remembering generates learning and causes forgetting; learning causes forgetting, begets remembering, and supports new learning.”                                                                                                   Bjork (2015) Our ultimate goal as teaching professionals is for children to acquire all the necessary learning, and more if possible, efficiently and securely. Having an understanding of the theories behind how theContinue reading “Retrieval ‘for’ learning”

Unboxing vocabulary

“Writing is an extension of memory.” (Willingham, 2017) The written language is a relatively new concept in the history books, compared with the existence of speech; it is used to permanently capture and store one’s memory. Writing is a coding system that allows meaning to be shared and understood, spanning from logographics (Hieroglyphics as anContinue reading “Unboxing vocabulary”


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