Teacher Out Loud

I am a teacher and leader, thinking out loud about my own practice, thoughts from day-to-day experience and the research and colleagues I am fortunate to engage with.


“We don’t know as much about it (great teaching) as we’d like to. We get glimpses at the moon through a cloudy sky – snippets that give insight. We try and bind them together but we have a precarious grasp of something that is very complicated.”

Robert Coe

Variability – keep it fresh

In my previous post, I discuss the need for change in terms of systems and measures within the workplace that improve validity, efficiency and effectiveness (see Dogma – a call for change). However, in this post, I am discussing the importance of keeping current systems fresh, engaging and refined. For example, the typical image of…

Dogma – a call for change

Dogmatism: the tendency to lay down principles as undeniably true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others. It’s no surprise that in many industries (in-fact, in many aspects of life), things happen just because it’s ‘always been this way’. In the education sector, it might be the way playtimes are run, lessons are…

Year 6 data tracker

As mentioned in my previous blog (Year 6), here is the Excel data sheet, free for your school to use. The sole purpose of this design was to make data input easier for teachers whilst providing all the mock SAT’s data for leaders to analyse over time, as well as a handy overview in prep…


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