Dogma – a call for change

Dogmatism: the tendency to lay down principles as undeniably true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others. It’s no surprise that in many industries (in-fact, in many aspects of life), things happen just because it’s ‘always been this way’. In the education sector, it might be the way playtimes are run, lessons areContinue reading “Dogma – a call for change”

Retrieval ‘for’ learning

“Forgetting focuses remembering and fosters learning; remembering generates learning and causes forgetting; learning causes forgetting, begets remembering, and supports new learning.”                                                                                                   Bjork (2015) Our ultimate goal as teaching professionals is for children to acquire all the necessary learning, and more if possible, efficiently and securely. Having an understanding of the theories behind how theContinue reading “Retrieval ‘for’ learning”

Unboxing vocabulary

“Writing is an extension of memory.” (Willingham, 2017) The written language is a relatively new concept in the history books, compared with the existence of speech; it is used to permanently capture and store one’s memory. Writing is a coding system that allows meaning to be shared and understood, spanning from logographics (Hieroglyphics as anContinue reading “Unboxing vocabulary”

Complete the Circuit

In my blog “The Invisible Lead Balloon”, I highlighted a number of informed strategies that could be used to maintain engagement for learning. Once you feel confident employing these strategies, the next thing is to question, then decide, which are best to ensure children are engaged with learning. It is important to note that engagementContinue reading “Complete the Circuit”

The Invisible Lead Balloon

We all know and understand the importance of careful, well-thought out planning and preparation that lays the stage for the magic of learning to happen. I remember early on in my teaching career, I would spend a long time ensuring I had mitigated against the potential barriers to learning as well as the step-by-step progressionContinue reading “The Invisible Lead Balloon”